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February 18, 2010

I Do Not Believe

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A year has passed . . . One year ago today, I began this ongoing conversation about some of the more pressing issues of our day with whomever stumbles across this site.  I stated then that I never intended to start a blog because I initially believed I did not deem myself arrogant enough.  I said:

The Internet, you know, that thing you go fishing with . . .

When most people thought that laptops were a new type of mini-skirt and assumed the Internet was something one would go fishing with, I found it untenable that you or anyone else would even try to stumble along the words of a young man from Georgia by way of Tennessee.  What I have since come to understand, is this whole thing you go fishing with can also allow us to connect with each other like never before.  We can do the whole I write you read, you write I read thing—you know a conversation—and share with each other on a grander scale.

I still believe that.  This space offers an opportunity, like no other medium, to connect more regularly with little to no hindrances.  I fully acknowledge that the draw of narcissism persists and the temptation to have increasing numbers readers scroll across this page in an effort to collect “subscribers” is a real one.  I simply strive to resist such temptations and humbly invite you to this conversation to ensure this is not a monologue.  My prayer in writing these posts and sharing these thoughts is that I get to talk with you, not at you, and prayerfully this talking could lead to responsible action in tackling some of the issues we face.  I also hope it sparks a good time or two.

With that said, I will continue the conversation, and ask you join me.  Last year I borrowed an idea from ESPN Page 2 Columnist Scoop Jackson when I introduced myself by telling you some of what I believe.  Now, a year from the date of that initial post, I will amend this idea slightly by introducing myself further by telling some of what I do not believe.

  • I do not believe faith in God is antiquated.
  • I do not believe the Bible has lost any of its relevance.
  • I do not believe I will ever have the words to fully describe God.
    • I do not believe I will ever tire of trying.
  • I do not believe we can say, “[We] love God,” and not love people.
  • I do not believe faith is demonstrated by mere words.
  • I do not believe many of us live the way that pleases Jesus.
  • I do not believe American citizens can logically advocate for lesser federal government intrusions in their daily lives and simultaneously pressure the federal government to promulgate legislation that will impose their social agenda.
  • I do not believe the Atlanta Hawks will win the NBA Championship this year, but I am thrilled that they are widely deemed championship contenders.
  • I do not believe most Republican lawmakers who openly oppose President Obama’s domestic agenda have legitimate concerns for the long-term viability of our nation.
  • I do not believe Democratic lawmakers have all the answers to our nation’s problems.
  • I do not believe you should wait to do “at last what [you] should do at first.”
  • I do not believe Haiti is cursed by God.
  • I do not believe forgetting President Obama “was black for an hour” is a compliment, nor is it an accurate barometer for the tenor of current race relations in the country.
  • I do not believe “black” is synonymous with “hood.”
  • I do not believe Kobe Bryant is, or will ever be, a better basketball player than Michael Jordan.
    • I do not believe it is even a close comparison.
  • I do not believe Republican public figures who intend to run for elected office can legitimately claim the media is “in the tank for Obama” and then use their position as political pundits on a “fair and balanced” news source in order to promote their political agenda.
  • I do not believe one should treat animals better than one treats other people.
  • I do not believe the American military does enough to protect female soldiers from their male comrades.
    • I do not believe the average American cares enough about this issue.
  • I do not believe I could have married a better woman.
  • I do not believe there is any greater responsibility than being a parent.
  • I do not believe John Mayer understands the depth of his innately racist and objectifying comments about African Americans and African American women.
  • I do not believe Barack Obama defeating Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic Primary is indicative of racism being less palpable than sexism.
  • I do not believe the NCAA should try to continue its charade of promoting student athletics when most of those most prominently featured have little to no aspirations to be students.
  • I do not believe Sarah Palin understands what political satire actually is.
    • I do not believe she should criticize Family Guy without also criticizing the network that hosts the show and employs her.
    • I do not believe it is a secret why she chose not to.
  • I do not believe hip-hop is dead.
  • I do not believe everyone who disagrees with you is a “hater.”
  • I do not believe much of what we worry about is worth our time.
  • I do not believe we have heard from all of Tiger Woods’ mistresses.
    • I do not believe Tiger Woods is the worst of philandering public figures.
    • I do not believe he is even the worst of philandering professional athletes.
  • I do not believe lawmakers in a democratic society should be able to refuse to negotiate in good faith with members of an opposing party and simultaneously block the legislative process when the opposing party attempts to promulgate legislation they do not agree with.
  • I do not believe I will ever believe another word Jonathan Edwards says.
    • I do not believe I should feel that way.
  • I do not believe Drake is a “positive rapper.”
  • I do not believe Lil’ Wayne is the “best rapper alive.”
  • I do not believe we smile enough.
  • I do not believe we should let a day go by without expressing our gratitude for experiencing it.
  • I do not believe you will have a better opportunity than now to tell those who are important to you how much they mean to you.
    • I do not believe you will have as long as you’d like to do it.

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  1. We have something in common…I do not beleive I could have married a better man.

    Comment by Rashida — March 24, 2010 @ 11:40 pm | Reply

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