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We live in a paradoxically perilous and pleasant time that presents unique concerns on a daily basis.  From the resurgence of nuclear proliferation, climate change, a global economic crisis, a perpetual state of war across the globe, AIDS threatening to reach pandemic proportions, natural disasters, the threat of international terror coupled with the ever-present concern of global imperialism, we face numerous challenges each day that often consume our time and energy.  Conversely, our technological advances allow us to connect to each other in unprecedented ways and allows us to access entertainment in increasingly rapid fashion.  Kind of Red seeks to navigate the intersection of these paradoxes.  Rather than merely capturing the current headlines, Kind of Red seeks to foster a healthy conversation that could in turn could lead to responsible action in tackling such concerns that the headlines offer a glimpse into.

The name Kind of Red alludes to Kind of Blue, the seminal work of fabled jazz pioneer Miles Davis.  The 1959 recording hails to this day as the “genre’s greatest hit” and “most coherent album length statement.”  With its emphasis on scales (modes) rather than chord changes, the album’s “cool blue electric spontaneity” encapsulates the transcendent power of art to resonate within the soul of those who encounter it.  In this space, I use that work as a metaphor to demonstrate the transcendent power of the Word of God to resonate with those who encounter it.  I emphasize the full balance of my understanding of that Word (scales) rather than focusing on the ever-shifting cultural norms (chord changes) that inevitably come with the passing of time.

The color red signifies the blood of Christ, shed for the remission of sins.  I write under the pseudonym, “The Painted One,” because I deem myself to be one painted red with that blood.  That paint elucidates my world and colors my being.  It defines hue I am.

It is my hope that this blog will address some of the more compelling issues of our day, as well as some light-hearted thoughts that stumble across my mind on occasion, and hurl some godliness into the fray, while simultaneously being a good read.  What crosses these pages are the humble thoughts of a young husband, father (soon to be), brother, son, friend, youth minister, attorney, educator, rapper and poet who loves God passionately.  As I mentioned in my first entry, I never intended to write a blog, simply because I did not deem myself arrogant enough to plaster my thoughts across the world wide web with the expectation that droves would come running to read them.  I have since come to view this space as a conversation rather than a monologue, because I hope this blog will become a way to share my thoughts with you, in hopes that you would share yours with me.  If you have taken the time to read this, I owe you a world of thanks.   I also invite you join in the conversation.  In the interim,  take care, and until next time, get painted red.


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